Trending: Next Level Lip Care for the Perfect Pout

No amount of metallic, transforming, look-at-me lipstick is going to look cool unless you have healthy, smooth lips to back 'em up. And although in the past, we've generally thought of lip care as something that's only important during cooler months. ( read original story ...)

12 Genius Uses For Lip Balm That Nobody Even Realizes

Get The Best Stories Delivered Daily Right To Your Inbox Like us on Facebook If everyone on the planet opened up their purses or backpacks right now, there’s a good chance they’d find one item in particular that everyone owns: a handy tube of lip balm. ( read original story ...)

Stay hydrated, moisturised while travelling

Invest in good Vitamin E moisturisers, lip butters and drink water throughout your journey, suggest experts. Shikhee Agrawal, Head Trainer at The Body Shop and Shahnaz Husain, CEO of Shahnaz Herbals Inc, have listed a few pointers: Taking care of the skin ... ( read original story ...)