Exercise Is The Best Anti-Aging Therapy

A new study in England on older cyclists found that a lifetime of regular exercise gave them the physique of much younger people, providing evidence that physical activity can beat a medicine cabinet full of anti-aging products. The multi-billion dollar ... ( read original story ...)

Anti-Aging Market Report 2018 with Forecasts to 2023

The "Anti-Aging Market Report: Trends, Forecast and Competitive Analysis" report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering. The future of the anti-aging market looks good with opportunities in skin care and hair care. The global anti-aging market ... ( read original story ...)

Psychology Of Anti-Aging: What You Need To Know

You really are as old – or as young – as you look and feel. According to Dr Michael Brickey, author of Defy Aging and 52 Baby Steps to Grow Young, only 20% to 30% of longevity is genetic – therefore 70% to 80% of anti-aging depends on what we think ... ( read original ...

Top 7 Most Essential Anti-Aging Ingredients That Work

Who doesn’t want to keep skin youthful and glowing forever? The market is flooded with anti-aging products promising preventive and corrective offers to fight the aging factor. So, how does anti-aging skin care work? How do I know which one works for my ... ( read original story ...)