The Dangers of Facial Analysis

© Local News RSS EN-US New technology using artificial intelligence is meant to take race and gender bias out of hiring, but it could backfire. AdChoices YOU MAY LIKE Sponsored Links by Microsoft Transferring Your Balance To a 0% APR Card Is Ingenious ... ( read original story ...)

When the Robot Doesn’t See Dark Skin

When I was a college student using A.I.-powered facial detection software for a coding project, the robot I programmed couldn’t detect my dark-skinned face. I had to borrow my white roommate’s face to finish the assignment. Later, working on another ... ( read original story ...)

What the heck is a butt facial?

You may have heard of a vajacial — a skin treatment to pamper skin in between bikini waxes — but the latest nether-region beauty treatment is a little bit more cheeky. The butt facial puts your derriére first. The 50-minute treatment from the famous ... ( read original story ...)