My Evening Depression Beauty Routine

Evening skin care is important, but before I get to it I always tie my ... Pull out ten short, thick black hairs from your upper lip. Inspect them individually. 11. Exfoliate! Get rid of those old, dead skin cells. You could love again. ( read original story ...)

How To Make Quick & Easy Homemade Lip Balm

You can make your own lip balm and free yourself from the hassle of shopping for one at the stores. The good thing is that you’ll also be saving some money. With a little change, you can make a few containers of lip salve that would last you much longer ... ( read original story ...

Himalaya Rich Cocoa Butter Lip Care Review

Skin type: Normal to oily. Hair type: Medium length, wavy, colored, normal. Hello all, I have been always a lip balm hoarder and there are lip balms strewn all over. I have at least one lip balm lying in my bags and I tend to lose them too. I bought some ... ( read original ...

Beauty intel: Orbis, Mentholatum Lip Care

HEY GOODLOOKING. Guys who wish to keep their skincare regime simple might want to check out the new Two-step Skincare Series for Men from ORBIS. Start by cleansing with the Mr Facial Cleanser (S$20, this double-care cleanser leaves skin feeling clean and ... ( read original story ...)