Your Lip Balm Might Actually Be Bad for You *Gasp*

We all want to have soft, kissable lips, and many of us apply lip balm regularly to prevent chapping. However, the shocking reality is that most of your regular store-bought brands are actually bad for your lips. 😭 Ever noticed how, for a couple of ... ( read original story ...)

Are Lip Balms Safe

Are your child's teeth coming in? Check out these 3 Teething Hacks to soothe your baby's aching gums! 1: Add breast milk to an ice tray with pacifiers. 2: Freeze a washcloth soaked in chamomile tea. Once cold, give it to the baby to chew on. 3: Cold ... ( read original story ...)

Finally, A Lip Balm For Goths & English Majors Is Here

You simply need to be a person living and breathing in the world to know that Unicorn Madness is real, and it's been infiltrating the beauty industry for much longer than the pink-and-blue Frappuccino was around. So, needless to say, at this point most of ... ( read original story ...)

Best Lip Balm: Perfectly Plump Pouts Guaranteed

For those skincare SOS moments, treat yourself (and your lips) to some serious lip balm TLC. Not sure which one's right for you? We've rounded up the all time best lip balms. Lip balm is a hugely underestimated beauty product. Without it, your lips are ... ( read original story ...)