Lamorosa – a Natural Skin Care Product for Ageless Skin

Extracted from plants, herbs and essential oils, using advanced technology that keeps the skin firm, smooth and hydrated, for women and men who appreciate the opportunity to age gracefully Lamorosa was developed by Silvia Quintella. She is a licensed ... ( read original story ...)

The Best Natural Cure for Sunburn

Most of us don’t want to avoid the sun but we don’t want to get sunburn either. Here are a few tips to help you prevent and treat sunburn using natural ingredients. Whenever you are preventing or treating sunburn you should always try to use natural ... ( read original story ...)

8 best sonic skincare tools

Whether you’re looking to reduce fine lines or wrinkles, tackle spot-prone skin or just want your face to look softer and brighter, there’s a huge choice of skincare tools out there which claim they can fulfil all of these requirements. Some come with ... ( read original story ...)