Facial Recognition Cameras Are Now Watching Your Emotions

As facial recognition technology becomes more commonplace, some companies are seeking an edge up on their competition by branching out — claiming to recognize a person’s emotional state, age, gender, and even criminal tendencies. One such company is ... ( read original story ...)

How to identify your skin type

Ask any woman her skin type and she’ll probably come back an automatic answer, perhaps based on what she was told by a beauty counter assistant 15 years ago (‘I’m oily’) or the fact she once had a rash from a face wash ('definitely sensitive'). ( read original story ...)

Red in the face – tips to help skin sensitivity

We Irish can be very sensitive. Which is to say that our skin tends to be sensitive but we are also highly strung sorts who enjoy making a drama of it. Classic Irish skin - pale, thin, reactive to heat and cold - has a tendency to redness and roughness ... ( read original story ...