Men: here’s how to supercharge your skincare regime

Manny Gutierrez for Maybelline, Lewys Ball for Rimmel - with the ‘beauty boys’ of Instagram staking a claim on the make-up industry, it follows that more men are paying closer attention than ever before to the foundations of good skin. If you’re ... ( read original story ...)

Six Reasons Why Your Sensitive Skin Is Irritated

Many toners contain alcohol, and what you don’t know is that alcohol is very irritating for your sensitive skin, so try to avoid toners with high percentage of alcohol, or you can use rosewater as a natural toner. 2. Fragrances in some beauty products ... ( read original story ...)

DIY Grapes Essence Face Mask to Treat Dry Skin

It lightens scars, evens out the skin tone and makes it supple. Hyaluronic Acid Serum: your pocket guide to this year’s hottest skincare ingredient, plus six of the best products to buy now ... When one of my blogger friends, ShortNorthMom posted a ... ( read original story ...)