Kiko Milano Lip Scrub Review

our delicate lips also need special care. We go for skin exfoliation to get rid of dead cells, but lip exfoliation is also necessary for healthy looking soft lips. Some go for home remedies to take care of the lips, but preparing such remedies does take time. ( read original story ...)

We Tried Meghan Markle’s Favourite Toronto Facial

Even beneath her dramatic veil, there was no dimming the sparkle of Meghan Markle’s borrowed-from-the-Queen diamond and platinum tiara as she ascended the steps of St.George’s chapel, but it was the glow along her cheekbones that had me most mesmerized. ( read original story ...)

What Natural Beauty Means To 9 Different Women

Take a look at anything related to “natural beauty”—the ads, magazines, websites, and billboards. They all seem to look a little monochrome, no? All the women seem to have the same skin tone (fair), the same shape (slim), the same hair (long, tousled). ( read original story ...)