Here’s why protecting your lips, this summer is important!

Hema Sharma Datta, Head — Skin Care and Cleansing, R&D, The Himalaya Drug Company, tells why it is important to protect lips in summer. * Lips lack natural protective oil: Our skin contains sebaceous glands that secrete the natural oil called sebum which ... ( read original story ...)

How to Combine Acids and Retinols in a Skincare Routine

What are retinols, retinoids and acids and how should they be used for an optimal anti-aging routine? The debate is real, and it seems every civilian skincare ‘expert’ has a different take. Can they be used in the same skincare routine? Can they be ... ( read original story ...)

John Mayer, Skincare Blogger

The musician’s latest skincare hack is a full makeup tutorial. Mayer frequently posts what he calls “hacks” to his Snapchat and Instagram stories. (Insofar as telling guys to cover their whole face in a $215 eye cream can be considered a hack for any ... ( read original story ...)