Natural Beauty Trends That Will Have Taken Over by 2018

The messy hair trend has already replaced straight and sleek hair to a great extent. When it comes to messy locks, celebrities now increasingly prefer wavy but frizz-free hair. Messy locks are trending for many reasons, not least among them the fact that ... ( read original story ...)

Are Lip Balms Safe

Are your child's teeth coming in? Check out these 3 Teething Hacks to soothe your baby's aching gums! 1: Add breast milk to an ice tray with pacifiers. 2: Freeze a washcloth soaked in chamomile tea. Once cold, give it to the baby to chew on. 3: Cold ... ( read original story ...)

Skin and sand: Embrace natural beauty

Embrace natural beauty and look naturally clean, fresh and radiant all the time. Makeup and beauty tips can do wonders to your look, but clean and healthy skin is the best way to a naturally beautiful you. Exfoliation of the skin is an essential part of ... ( read original story ...)