Trend Spotting: Natural Skin Care

Is it possible the next narrative to entice investors into jumping on board is "natural skin care"? Melbourne headquartered BWX Ltd ((BWX)) certainly knows how to make an entrance. Upon listing on the ASX in mid-November 2015 the shares gained 51% on the ... ( read original story ...)

The products that finally calmed my sensitive skin

I would wear makeup and it would make my face itch, but not to the point where it was on fire or anything. I had to stop using all my usual skincare products because they gave me a burning sensation, but if you just looked at my face, you wouldn’t even ... ( read original ...

The Low-Down on Vitamins in Your Skincare: Do They Work?

Vitamins equal good, especially when it comes to our skin, right? It’s one of those beauty facts widely accepted, but the precise benefits of vitamins in skincare aren’t necessarily understood by most. Including these essential nutrients in our diet ... ( read original story ...)

Everything you need to know about skin pigmentation

Pigmentation, unfortunately cannot be completely undone, but this skin issue can be kept in check. It requires a proper skin care regime. Always keep these things in mind: Use a good sunblock two to three times a day Take supplements of anti-oxidants ... ( read original story ...)