Beauty is Only Skin Deep

"Beauty is only skin deep" goes the old expression which is also the title of a Temptations classic. But how to deal with the eternal allurement of the flesh and the way in which is gets confused with subcutaneous matters, especially with regard to the ... ( read original story ...)

ACURE Facial Cleansing Gel, 4 Ounce

This gentle antioxidant rich cleanser is hard at work, washing away dirt and oil while removing makeup to leave your skin radiant and refreshed. Won't strip your skin's natural acid mantle for superior moisture balance and protection. Echinacea plant stem cells and organic chlorella growth factor help activate new cell growth. Wash away those worries ...

1 Set ZriiNew Total Kit (Facial Serum, Day Cream SPF 30, Facial Exfoliator, Night Cream)

HIGH PERFORMANCE SKINCAREZriiNew's day-into-night, high performance skincare products are designed to enhance your skin's youthful appearance and natural beauty-regardless of your age, gender, ethnicity, or skin type.THE SECRET BEHIND THE SCIENCE:AN INTEGRATED APPROACHZriiNew products enhance and amplify each other's benefits. The Daytime products protect and nourish while Nighttime products renew and replenish.MICROMELTTMA World-Class Delivery SystemZriiNew's ...

Elemental Skincare Branding

Seaskinne's skincare branding draws inspiration from scientific diagrams like the Periodic Table of Elements and combines artisanal containers with minimalist typography. Seaskinne is a conceptual line of moisturizers, serums and oils that are organically ... ( read original story ...)