bliss Powder Brush, 1 oz.

Brush up with these tips perfect for sheer layers, and setting makeup with one effortless sweep-this brush delivers just the right amount of powder fluff on pressed or loose powder beginning in the center of the face and around the nose. Blend outward can also be used to dust powder over cream foundation, cream blush ...

bliss Contour Blush Brush

Brush up with these tips, tapered bristles create more natural contouring, while perfectly balanced handle lets this super-agile brush do all the work, to define, use the angled edge to sweep color just beneath your cheekbones, sweep onto the cheek bones in an upward motion to shape andSale Price:$22.00Read More[amazon-product-reviews]

bliss Complexion Blush Brush

Get the best from your brush up with these tips: this blush brush works to distribute just the right amount of color to the cheeks. The domed-shape helps to flawlessly apply color to the apples of theSale Price:$20.00Read More[amazon-product-reviews]

bliss Exglowsion Serum Foundation Brush

Brush up with these tips: this uniquely designed brush works to seamlessly apply your exglowsion serum foundation fluid. It provides optimal foundation application for smooth, natural, evenSale Price:$28.00Read More[amazon-product-reviews]