Health officials warn of mercury in skin cream

The facial creams were being sold at flea markets in California, but they can also be purchased online through eBay and on Facebook. A Twitter feed touted the cream, with one tweet claiming it's "100% natural sin mercurio" — without mercury. The company ... ( read original story ...)

What Are At-Home Face Peels And How Do They Work?

At-home face peels - they conjure up images of sore, puffy skin - pretty wince-inducing to those who aren't in-the-know. But, since bursting onto the beauty scene, face peels have gained huge traction amongst those on a quest for a better complexion. ( read original story ...)

Everything I Learned From My First Facial

I've always considered myself to be incredibly skincare conscious. From an early age, I understood the importance of sun protection courtesy of my mother (who has a gorgeous epidermis despite a youth spent sunbathing at Manhattan Beach) and observed her ... ( read original story ...)

Cartoon Family-Inspired Skincare

The Face Shop, a South Korean beauty brand, recently launched a collection of skincare that features one of the most iconic families in pop culture history. Arriving just in time for summer, The Simpsons-branded products are perfect for all ages and skin ... ( read original story ...)