Three Fab Face Masks to Try NOW

They’re face masks to try NOW. And these masks are especially perfect for summer when you tend to want a pared down beauty routine, but you don’t want to totally neglect your skin. Ok…Shall we get started? Great! And away we go… Since we we were ... ( read original story ...)

VIG Partners acquires facial pack manufacturers P&C

South Korean private equity fund, VIG Partners, acquires a 73% stake in facial pack manufacturer, Press & Converting (P&C). The face mask sector is big business is South Korea, tieing into consumers’ demands for skin-conscious solutions. P&C currently ... ( read original story ...)

Face Mists Summer 2017

With impressive ingredient lists and one for every skin type, facial mists are a great way to give your skin an added boost on the go without any irritation. ( read original story ...)

Get healthy glowing skin with your own face masks

Whether you’ve got a date or maybe you’ve just looked in the mirror and saw a drab, tired face looking back at you this radiance-boosting mask will help give you a little extra sparkle and help you on your way to your glow-up. Ingredients: One minced ... ( read original story ...)