Finally, A Lip Balm For Goths & English Majors Is Here

You simply need to be a person living and breathing in the world to know that Unicorn Madness is real, and it's been infiltrating the beauty industry for much longer than the pink-and-blue Frappuccino was around. So, needless to say, at this point most of ... ( read original story ...)

Best Lip Balm: Perfectly Plump Pouts Guaranteed

For those skincare SOS moments, treat yourself (and your lips) to some serious lip balm TLC. Not sure which one's right for you? We've rounded up the all time best lip balms. Lip balm is a hugely underestimated beauty product. Without it, your lips are ... ( read original story ...)

Paper Tube Lip Balms

Rather than packaging its lip care products in plastic containers, as most other brands do, Plenty + Spare Naturals' new eco lip balm products favor the use of simple paperboard tubes. The giant paper tubes are about three times the size of an average ... ( read original story ...)

Top 10 frequently asked questions about lip care, answered!

You cannot create a beautiful looking pout with the perfect shade of lipstick if your lips aren’t well cared for. Your lips are the most neglected part of your face when it comes to skincare. You need to spare a little attention to take care of your ... ( read original story ...)