Lip Balms and Intensive Oil Treatment

Lip Balm Making Class focuses on simple lip balm making procedures for consistent and effective lip products, including lip tubes and balms in pot style jars. Techniques include how to create a twist tube of lip balm without problematic "sinkholes. ( read original story ...)

Labello Milk and Honey Lip Balm Review

The lips tend to dry out very quickly especially during harsh winters and need that special care. The skin on the lips is so thin that it gets damaged easily. Lips also lack melanin, the natural pigments which protect us from harmful UV rays. Unfortunately ... ( read original story ...)

Cleft Palate and Cleft Lip Management

On the other hand, a cleft lip can be treated surgically, which is dependent to the extent of the repair required. Usually, the first surgery for the defect is performed when the baby is three months old. Nutrition and dental care are the core treatment ... ( read original story ...)

DIY Vanilla Bean Lip Balm Recipe

Commercial lip balms are loaded with scary, unpronounceable ingredients. I am on a journey toward living a natural lifestyle without harmful additives like refined vegetable oils. Store-bought lip balm often contains harsh acids to “medicate” lips and ... ( read original story ...)

Seriously, These Are The Best Lip Balms For Fall

It's officially fall y'all! Can you believe it? Now that the seasons have switched up (e.g. fall leaves, the sun setting super early, etc.) you might be itching for a wardrobe change. But, we're here to remind you not to stop there — your makeup bag ... ( read original story ...)