Because you too can make for yourself your own lip balm

For the ladies, the essentiality of lip balm cannot be overemphasized; as it keeps the lips soft, tender, and attractive. And in addition, it helps in the healing and protection of the lips from breakage. And, it's basically for these reasons, we decided ... ( read original story ...)

Never Buy Lip Balm Again: Try This 10-Minute DIY Recipe

Top tip: You can even out the top of the balm by heating it gently with a hair dryer. Avocado oil—this gives you a beautiful green colour and is seriously nourishing thanks to the essential fatty acids. Strawberry seed oil—this smells amazing and helps ... ( read original story ...)

10 Great Alternative Uses of Lip Balm

Lip balm is a very popular cosmetic product that we usually use to moisturize and protect the delicate skin of our lips. Most women use it as part of their beauty routine. In fact, many always have it on hand to apply several times throughout the day. ( read original story ...)

How China plans to remain the lip care hub part 2

Due to the popularity of the lip cosmetics in China, we asked Laurie Du, Senior Beauty Analyst, Asia Pacific at Mintel, how the industry intends to retain its position at the top. Premium niche local brands can accumulate brand ambassadors via strategic ... ( read original story ...)

China remains lip care hub part 1

As lip colour remains the fastest growing colour cosmetics subcategory in China, we spoke to Laurie Du, Senior Beauty Analyst, Asia Pacific at Mintel, to find out why it’s generating rising sales and how other trends are helping its success. The lip care ... ( read original story ...)