Lorde Goes to Paradise in Perfect Places Video

The video captures a breathtaking vision of paradise. Swinging on tree vines and gathering fruit, Lorde is surrounded by natural beauty. Yet, Lorde is the only person in the video. She has found unrivaled perfection within her abandoned island, but has no ... ( read original story ...)

Beeswax For Your Face

Now, beeswax is a regular part of my beauty routine. (Because it’s amazing. My guess is that it forms a protective barrier on your skin, to hold in the moisture.) You can now find all natural face creams that contain beeswax. After using it myself ... ( read original story ...)

Women In This State Wash Their Hair The Least Often

A recent survey conducted by online beauty boutique Lookfantastic found that ... There’s no real wrong or right answer to the eternal question. For many women with natural hair, waiting a full week between washes is best for their texture. ( read original story ...)