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After the popularity of the natural-hair movement, the beauty pendulum is swinging back to tamed and controlled strands, while incorporating a carefree spirit. At Thierry Mugler, hair was strictly parted down the centre and tucked behind the ears before ... ( read original story ...)

Superfood detox mask

All natural beauty brand Clean Beauty Co. was founded in April 2016 by twenty something clean beauty lovers, Dominika and Elsie. The London-based duo create non-toxic beauty products, formulate skin-food DIY recipes and host interactive beauty workshops ... ( read original story ...)

Natural beauty of Monument Valley is worth the drive

Monument Valley lives up to all its hype. Located in Navajo Tribal Park just north of Kayenta and near the Utah/Arizona border, Tsé Biiʼ Ndzisgaii, or the valley of the rocks, is a destination for people worldwide. This incredibly beautiful place is ... ( read original story ...)

Active Natural Skincare Kits

Guys who are looking for a more natural way to keep their skin looking fresh can make use of the Oars + Alps Full Kit for Men as an effective lineup that will take care of their face and more. The kit comes packed with the Active Man Hydrating and Anti ... ( read original ...

All Natural Beauty: Grapeseed Oil

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