Natural or fake beauty?

Just curious as i opt for the more natural look but most girls my age go for the more fake look, so wondered which is deemed more attractive? Select age and gender to cast your vote: Sign up or log in to share it really depends some girls can pull of the ... ( read ...

5 natural ingredients that will change your skincare routine

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We Love This New (All-Natural!) Beauty and Wellness Boutique

All this talk about wellness may seem a bit overdone in Vancouver, but after eavesdropping on a few conversations (because what else is there to do on transit?), you might hear about something you didn’t know before—like how the parabens in your makeup ... ( read original story ...)

Get your glow on with these natural beauty products

If you’re looking for natural and glowing skin this summer, beauty expert Michelle Biodeau knows just what you need. Here are some of her favourite natural beauty product picks to achieve that perfect summer glow. Province Apothecary Daily Glow Facial ... ( read original story ...)