The Best Ways to Deal With Oily Skin

Being diligent with your cleansing routine means that you need to properly wash your face both morning and night. “Always use a gentle cleanser since harsh soaps can trigger the skin to increase oil production,” says April Armstrong, M.D., assistant ... ( read original story ...)

Veet Face Hair Removal Kit Sensitive Skin Review

I was cleaning my bathroom cupboard and found a product which brought back painful memories. I had used it a few months ago and then completely forgot about it. So, I decided to write a review about Veet Face Hair Removal Kit Sensitive Skin before throwing ... ( read original story ...)

Soothing Sea Buckthorn Face Cream Recipe (For Oily Skin)

I once had a friend who had to use natural lotion on her entire body every time she showered or else her skin would get so dry it flaked. This was a very foreign concept to me, as I have naturally oily skin and almost never need lotion. When I was younger ... ( read ...

Skincare Secrets: Products That Changed My Skin

I’ll go first and start with one of my latest skincare find. It started with a Groupon for a facial. I’m not loyal to any particular esthetician, but a good Groupon deal inspires me to make the time to get my skin deep cleaned. But the facial I got ... ( read original story ...)