Want acne-free skin? Add tomatoes to your diet

Tomatoes can be considered highly beneficial for your skin, face and hair as they contain all forms of major carotenoids such as alpha-beta carotene, lutein and lycopene. Out of these, Lycopene contains the highest antioxidative property, which is an ... ( read original story ...)

Best Facial Masks For Men

To find out more, please read our complete terms of use. With the rise of the sheet mask selfie, facial masks have become more and more popular over the past several years, and not just for women -- men are also realizing the incredible healing and ... ( read original story ...)

Do you wear your income on your face?

The findings held steady regardless of the genders or ethnicities of those photographed, which suggests that we're picking up more universal facial cues, rather than being influenced by sexism or racial bias, both of which are already a pressing issues in ... ( read original story ...)

7 best organic face masks

Face masks should smell divine, feel luxurious to apply and, of course, make your skin feel amazing. Unfortunately, many skincare products are crammed full of synthetic chemicals – used to fragrance, colour and preserve – that do more damage than good ... ( read original story ...)

Summer Detox: skin edition

That helped, and then I slowly introduced my existing favorite products into the mix again. Inadvertently, I had a facial scheduled for mid-August which was perfectly timed. My skin had just calmed back down, but I was looking forward to discussing my ... ( read original story ...)