A step too far? Retailers in China sell ‘anti-facial recognition headgear’ amid viral iPhone X memes that claim Face ID will allow snooping partners to unlock your device while …

When Apple unveiled its new iPhone X that lets users unlock the device with facial recognition (called Face ID), many joked that this would allow their partners to snoop on their phones, and that they'd have to wear masks to sleep. To help upcoming iPhone ... ( read original story ...)

Is the Vaishaly Signature Facial worth the faff?

As a massive skincare nerd (seriously, waft a sheet mask in my general direction and watch me exfoliate away my savings), I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve dreamed of getting a Vaishaly facial since I was about 16. Other skincare devotees will get it. ( read original story ...)

Facial recognition technology explained

More and more smartphones now come equipped with facial recognition security, offering up a new way for us all to secure and unlock our smartphones. While not as widespread and not necessarily more secure than a fingerprint scanner, new biometric ideas ... ( read original story ...)