Women Aren’t Better at Reading People’s Faces

The finding contradicts the widely held belief that women are better at recognizing faces and reading facial expressions than men are, the Penn State researchers said. "There has been common lore in the behavioral literature that women do better than men ... ( read original story ...)

4 skin injectable and needling processes against ageing

When mentioning injectable treatments, most of us know about Botulinum toxin (Botox) to relax lines and wrinkles; filler for subtle facial contouring by plumping up areas that have lost volume; and thread lifts to lift and tighten the face without surgery ... ( read original story ...)

This is What Happens When You Damage Your Skin Barrier

Those sheets you fill out before a facial explaining your concerns or past diagnoses? It’s a long list of N/A for me. Well, until four months ago. In a beauty editor’s worst nightmare scenario, I came in contact with an ingredient in a mask that ... ( read original story ...)

In China, your face can really open doors now

Beijing Normal University recently installed two facial recognition devices at the entrance way to the No. 13 female student dormitory. This adds to a growing list of ways the Chinese have made their face the key to the things they want. A Beijing univ ... ( read original story ...)