Skin-Care Ingredients to Avoid in Winter

If you're going through a rough skin patch this Winter, you're not alone. After all, with cold weather typically comes a lack of moisture and, as a result, dry and even scaly skin. That said, there are things you could be doing to make the situation worse. ( read original story ...)

Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid’s Skincare Routine Review

I guess considering how incredible and glow-y both Gigi and Bella's skin is, I expected that by using their products mine would turn out the same. (Is Dior Beauty Spokesmodel-level skin so much to ask for?!) The lesson here, though, transcends beyond just ... ( read original story ...)

The products that finally calmed my sensitive skin

I would wear makeup and it would make my face itch, but not to the point where it was on fire or anything. I had to stop using all my usual skincare products because they gave me a burning sensation, but if you just looked at my face, you wouldn’t even ... ( read original ...