How To Give Yourself A Facial At Home

No longer the sole reserve of the fairer sex, increasing numbers of men are realising that even the toughest of skin requires a little TLC now and again. According to research by Mintel, last year 20 per cent of fellas treated themselves to a professional ... ( read original story ...)

Pill-Packaged Face Masks

In comparison to most rubber masks, this one is said to boast a texture that's more "bouncy" and "watery," which makes it gentler on skin. The individual face mask pouches are packaged in a two-colored pill-shaped case, which emphasizes the two-step ... ( read original story ...)

Women Are Shaving Their Faces For Better Skin

Beauty blogger Chloe Morello last year famously announced she shaves her face for smoother skin and better makeup application. Zoe Foster-Blake just a few weeks ago posted to Instagram that she was having a professional dermaplaning treatment to get her ... ( read original story ...)

Emoji face masks are a thing now!

Life just got exciting for those who want to have fun while taking care of their skin. A Taiwan-based skincare brand has combined emojis and face masks to come up with the emoji face mask. Trending online, emoji face masks are definitely upping the fun ... ( read original story ...)