Top 6 summer face packs to soothe your skin from the heat

Cucumber is one of the coolest veggies in the literal sense as it can soothe the skin in the summer with its cooling properties. Often slices of cucumber are used in beauty treatments to prevent dark circles and provide respite to the eyes from strain. ( read original story ...)

Top 10 Best Natural & Organic Face Washes

I’m always thinking about and exploring ways to take the best care of my skin as it ages. And, because I love my husband’s face too, I also think about his skincare regimen. I truly believe, if you only have time for a super simple beauty regimen ... ( read original story ...)

Rid yourself of wrinkles

In the discussion of facial muscle exercises, I touched ever so superficially on how wrinkles are formed. The allusion to repeatedly folding paper until a permanent crease develops remains an apt description, even including the fact that the permanent ... ( read original story ...)

The best face masks for men

For some gents, the idea of using a face mask can seem a little daunting, especially to those who haven’t yet established a skincare routine. Once you know your skin type and have decided on the right face wash and moisturiser, you should consider ... ( read original story ...)