Banana skincare, flour company to expand overseas

A far north Queensland farmer, who turns waste bananas into flour, skincare and cosmetics, has struck an international deal that will see his business expand globally. Rob Watkins got into the banana industry more than 15 years ago, growing ladyfinger ... ( read original story ...)

6 Natural Summer Skincare Tips You Need To Try

When was the last time you checked the ingredient label on your skin care products? Do you really know what you’re putting on your skin? If you do happen to check the label and the ingredient list is a bunch unpronounceable words that look like someone ... ( read original story ...)

All Aboard the Natural Beauty Train

Natural beauty is all the rage right now. Natural makeup, natural nails, natural hair – the trend is less is more. This natural trend is great for your hair, skin, and body, as it is really best achieved by focusing on your health. Eating for healthy ... ( read original story ...)

Natural Skin Care: Essential for Your Skin

Skin is the most exposed part of the body. This is the main reason, why it needs a special care and treatment to keep it fit and fine. Every person has different type of skin tone. Some have oily skin, some have rough skin and some have dry skin. ( read original story ...)

The Skin Clearing Power of Probiotic Action

We hear a growing amount of information about probiotics for gut health and healthy immunity. But, did you know that probiotics can actually support healthy skin? Probiotics are good bacteria that work to fight off disease-inducing bad bacteria by taking ... ( read original story ...)