100 pcs Quality 4 x 6 inch Odorless PVC Shrink Wrap Bags for Soaps, Bath Bombs, Bottles, Crafts & DIY Homemade Products by Mighty Gadget (R) – 100 gauge

Mighty Gadget (R) high quality shrink wrap bags are perfect for shrink wrapping a wide variety of products, such as soaps, photographs, small books, bottles, candles, bundling together small essential oil dropper bottles, bath bombs, DIY products and etc These bags are perfect for Private Label sellers who want to add a professional, tamper evident finish to their products. You can use a heat gun or hair dryer to apply heat to the bags for shrink wrapping purposes.Instructions:Step 1: Wrap – Place your product inside the bagStep 2: Seal the Bag – Completely seal the open end of the bag with an impulse heat sealer or use a tape to seal the openingStep 3: Shrink – Try with Low setting, hold your hair dryer or heat gun 4-5″ from the surface.

Sale Price:$5.98

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