5 Elements Cleanser – Glycolic Acid & Coconut Derived Face & Body Wash for Blemished Skin by Create Cosmetics – 8 fl.oz

Only 5 natural ingredients combined to create an uncompromising cleanser, ideal for both normal and blemished skin. Decyl Glucoside works as a gentle, non-foaming surfactant; derived from coconuts, it leaves the skin feeling moist. We used Sclerotium a mushroom derived gum to gel the formula and create a protective barrier on the skin. Glycolic Acid derived from sugar cane lowers pH to reduce bacterial proliferation and gently exfoliates. Ideal for acneic or sensitive skin. Ph 3.5. Vegan. No animal testing or ingredients. Passed USP 51 preservative challenge

Sale Price:$16.00

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