AHAVA Clineral Skinpro Gentle Cleansing Gel, 0.3 fl. oz.

Clineral Skinprogentle Cleans Gel Cleansing gel This gentle cleansing gel is formulated for sensitive and intolerant skin. It helps soothing skin irritations and discomfort, reducing dryness and redness, while enhancing skin skin barrier. Sensitive skin is characterized by a low tolerance to cosmetic and articles of daily use bathroom and prolonged. Environmental factors such as pollution, sun exposure, or an extended stay in the water and warm air conditioners can aggravate the symptoms of irritated skin, itching, redness and a tingling sensation of the skin. Clineral SKINPRO The products have been specially formulated for very sensitive skin and low tolerance (intolerant) skin. They rely on water from the Dead Sea, Dead Sea mud and

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