French Lavender Basil Soap Bar (4 Oz)-handmade Organic with Essential Oils. Natural Moisturizing Body Soap for Skin and Face. With Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Natural Glycerin

Handmade organic soap bar- French Lavender soap with sweet essentials like lavender essential oil French Soap. A relaxing, soothing floral scent of lavender mingled with the refreshing, crispness of sweet basil. We use organic and high quality natural essential oils, herbs and botanical sourced from all over the world to create homemade soaps the old-fashioned way, through the cold-process method of soap-making. Unlike mass-produced commercial soaps, it takes time to create a Falls River Soap. We work in small batches at a low temperature and age the soaps for up to four to six weeks to preserve the natural glycerin, producing the most luxurious, pure and gentle moisturizing soap imaginable. With proper storage and in-use care,

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