Herbal Indulgence Organic 24k Gold Time Reversal Anti Aging Anti Wrinkle Facial Serum Sensitive Skin Care Diminishes Crow’s Feet and Signs of Aging(1 Oz)

This 24K GOLD Time Reversal FACIAL SERUM contains 32 active ingredients. While each a miracle of nature on its own their real power is in their synergy. Comparable products are mostly water. Herbal Indulgence Face Serum contains just 15.2% water, enough to combine and activate the ingredients. The rest is the very best that nature and science have created for your skin. This serum combines the unique ANTI-AGING ANTI-WRINKLE properties of numerous organic flowers, herbs and fruits with the boosted effectiveness of scientific breakthroughs to restore youthful and radiant glow of your skin. While none of the ingredients in this serum are harmful we never use more than the recommended dosage because that would be ineffective. Instead we’ve

Sale Price:$49.95

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