Lilian Fache Vitamin C Serum, Anti Aging Skin Care, 1.0 fl oz

Your friends will wonder what anti-aging wrinkle skin care you are using! they’ll think you spent hundreds of dollars, or lots of time, covering up your wrinkles, fine lines, red patches, dryness and large pores. But you can simply tell them, it was easy and affordable using vitamin c skin serum by Lilian face! it works better because it doesn’t just temporarily plump up your skin with water. Most skin creams, even expensive ones, are mostly water. Our exclusive Lillian face vitamin C for face serum was carefully formulated with two known, effective anti-aging nutrients: vitamin c and alpha-hydroxy acid. Just think of how your skin looked when you were 10 years old. Smooth, clear, blemish free and no wrinkles. Both of these powerful

Sale Price:$29.97

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