Organic, Grapefruit Oil – Premium 100% Pure, USDA Organic, Natural Therapeutic Grade, baby-oils, hair-treatment-oils, body-oils, facial-oils, scented-oils (10 ml)

ESSENTIAL OILS YOU CAN TRUST – CERTIFIED USDA ORGANIC – 100% PURE, NATURAL, ORGANIC Bliss Beauty Organic Grapefruit Oil, is made up entirely of organic grapefruits making it a 100% pure, natural oil. It is a premium Super-Powered Natural Formula, which offers strong aromatic and anti-oxidant properties. The incredible therapeutic grade essential oil is fantastic for a wide variety of applications and uses, and we recommend putting a few drops into a diffuser and enjoying the aromas and benefits it creates in every room of your home, office, spa, or workspace. GRAPEFRUIT, BENEFITS AND USES: Antiseptic Stimulating Stress relieving – Just add a few drops into a hot bath Cold & Flu Relief Appetite Control Anxiety Reduction Natural Home

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