Road Rash Remedy – Disinfecting Balm 0.67 oz. / 20 ml

Scrapes and bruises are all part of the game, but keep your minor injuries out of the way of your sport. Our custom-formulated blend of botanicals and oils, especially Neem oil infused with Ozone – known for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and healing properties – provides a non-medical and all-natural alternative for scrapes, small abrasions, cuts, minor post-surgical scars, burns, sunburns, cold sores and chapped lips. We have perfected a time-proven formula, reformulated for today’s active lifestyles. Additional calming, antimicrobial and healing properties come from Wheat germ oil, Myrrh, Melissa, Yarrow, Thymus, Chamomile and vitamins C and E. Don’t let the road get you down, get back up again and soothe your sores with Road

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