Serum For Face – Rejuvenating Face Serum, Makeup Primer and Moisturizer with Antioxidnats Vitamins E, A, Reduce Appearance of Fine Lines, Uneven Skin Tone – by Natural Kick 1 Fl. Oz

Get your natural glow back with Let it Glow Rejuvenating Face Serum!Luxurious serum for face, for rich nourishment and a silky smooth, radiant skin.Enriched with natural ingredients: – Vitamin A & vitamin E: powerful antioxidants help delay skin aging process – Dead Sea minerals salt stabilizes skin moisture levels and helps cells’ renewal process – Herbal & Essential oils hydrating, protecting skin and giving it a healthier glow. Our oil blend includes Olive oil, Jojoba oil, Evening Primrose oil, Sea Buckthorn oil and Macadamia Seed oil. – Orchid flower extract for a calming and soothing effectWhy use Let it Glow Face Serum? – Nourished, hydrated, silky smooth skin – Replenishes and protects facial skin – Antioxidants help delay

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