Skin Brightening Formula, Le Fair Whitening & Lightening Serum – Aids in Correcting Dark Spots – Helps to Even Skin Tone – Repairs Sun Damage Age Spots Redness Wrinkles – Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Aging

Is Your Skin Tone Uneven? Do you have sun damage? Age spots? Dark blotches? Hyperpigmentation? If you do you are just like most of us! Over time, sun damage, pollution, stress, hormones, age, or unforeseen circumstances can play havoc on your skin. We all start seeing the imperfections and wish we could do something about it! Well now you can! “A Skin Tone Correction Game Changer” The Le Fair Skin Brightening formula was formulated with you in mind! We wanted a true skin tone solution that would actually work, and not damage your skin even worse with bleaches or dyes. We wanted to create the best Skin Correction Formula to date….And we think we have done just that! The Le Fair Skin Brightening Formula: ✓Aids in correcting dark spots!

Sale Price:$24.90

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