Smile – Organic Facial Soap Bar w Organic Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil , Collagen Boosting & Detoxifying 6 Ounce Moisturizing Organic Facial Soap Bar by Meiling Soaps

Smile organic soap is specially formulated as a facial soap…however, if you really want to lux it out, use it as an organic soap to pamper the body too! The organic essential oil blend of bergamot, lime, Egyptian geranium, and ylang ylang produce an exotic aromatic experience while also toning and firming your skin. This organic facial soap is loaded with all sorts of good stuff! Enhanced with Vitamin C to boost collagen production and lighten the skin, Bentonite Clay to draw toxins out of the skin, beet root powder as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and well as Vitamin E to further enhance the moisturizing and antioxidant powers. Smile organic facial soap bar is the result of a perfect moisturizing balance of the following organic

Sale Price:$10.00

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