[SET OF 6] Bath Sponge Shower Mesh Pouf Exfoliating Sponge Large (55 Grams) – 6 Beautiful Loofah Assorted Colors – By Rosemary Spa- Luxury Care Bath Sponges For Men & Women

Enjoy A Touch Of Luxury & Relaxation In Your Bath with our Large Bath Pouf Mesh Bath Body Sponge & Super Soft Mesh Absorbent Sponge For A Smoother, Cleaner, Healthier Skin- Starting TodayDo you like taking relaxing, long, hot bubble baths? Aren't you tired of low quality bathing sponges that do not treat your body ...

Mistral Men’s Soap, Cedarwood Marine, 250 Grams

Evokes a seaside forest where cedar wood and cool eucalyptus create a refreshing aroma. Contains organic shea butter and pumpkin seed oil Infused with extracts of white coffee and greenSale Price:$11.99Read More[amazon-product-reviews]