CoralActives Acne Cleansing Bar – Fights Body Acne, 120 grams

MAXIMUM STRENGTH – 10 Percent BENZOYL PEROXIDE Get in the clear and stay there with CoralActives Gentle, effective for all skin types. CoralActives cleansing bar is perfect for the shower to target acne no matter where it pops up. Opens your pores to help prevent acne causing clogs from forming. Patented SeaWhip Coral formula calms the skin while fighting acne and keeping your skin clear. Benzoyl Peroxide 10 Percent with Sea Whip Extract, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E compare to PanOxyl. Specially formulated to work best with the CoralActives Moisturizer, Cleanser and Serum. 4.25

Sale Price:$8.99

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