Yardley of London Naturally Moisturizing Bar Soap Oatmeal & Almond 3+1 Free

Nourishing Fragrance for Your Skin.The Yardley London Oatmeal & Almond Two Bar Soap redefines your bathing experience. An Oatmeal and Almond botanical soap, that showers you with nourishment, hydration and revitalization. The Oat-sprinkles gently permeate the pores for deep cleansing while the Almond essence and Almond oil moisturize your skin to give you that elusive glow.•Almond essence creates an exotic aromatic experience.•Oat grains gently exfoliate and make skin smooth.•Almond oil softens and rejuvenates the skin cells from within.Yardley London Oatmeal & Almond Two Bar is inspired by nature and contains natural ingredients for a completely stimulating experience for all your senses.Just for you: Dry skin.A Closer Look: Real

Sale Price:$3.76

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