ZCollection (Pack of 2) Facial Skin Care Beauty Ultrasoft Pore Cleansing Brush – Spa Wash Massage Exfoliation Brush Set

Maintain your natural beauty with the help of this innovative facial cleansing accessory! Abrasive scrubbing can cause micro tears to your skin, making you more spot prone as bacteria can easily get inside and cause breakouts. This set includes 2 Ultrasoft Pore Cleansing brushes to aid you in a deep, gentle cleanse! When dealing with big pores, blackheads, or other pore related grievances, rely on this Cleansing Brush for an effective cleaning experience. Made from refined, anti-bacterial synthetic bristles, these brushes are gentle enough for daily use. When dry, the bristles are extra dense and feel as soft as a cloud! When wet, the bristles can help you reach places that your fingers can’t, adding to the effectiveness of this item. You

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